This is a routine re-stain I worked on yesterday. The client wanted the Western exposure re-stained, due to fading from intense afternoon light.

This is a typical house for us, and makes up about half of the work we handle in summer. We cut and roll about 95% of Cedar Siding houses with a 4” (1/2”nap) microfiber roller and brush (we do not spray exteriors for the most part). I had some extra time, and thought some might find it interesting to see our approach.

I am right handed, so I work right to left on wide-open walls. I do not reach across my chest (left side of the ladder) if possible- my left hand is on the ladder at all times, for safety reasons. The ladder moves towards the unpainted portions, towards the exit.

I work the top of the house first. I was able to work 19 boards across the wall maintaining a continuously wet edge: This reduces ladder movements, and increases efficiency.

When actually painting/staining the siding I often work the siding from bottom to top. I do this because when rolling the underside corner of siding, a paint ridge forms on the top of the adjacent siding (see photo).

Wood Twig Wall Siding Building

In this instance, I started at the lowest board I could safely reach safely without leaning out (board 19), and walked up the ladder to the top-most board next to soffit, painting on the right side of the ladder as I go.

-Walk up to the top of the ladder while painting
-Cut in the ceiling
-Walk back down to move the ladder

For windows I paint around the ladder in place, and then touch-up boot prints when I move the ladder, using an extension pole if necessary. I try to move the ladder always from upper right corner, moving left across the wall to the lower left corner.

The section (of 19 boards and two windows - shown) was painted by myself, and took approx 1:45 hours to stain x1 coat. I was not hurrying, and stopped for lunch after this section.

It took approx. 5 hours to re-stain the entire wall x1 coat (including x1 coat windows and corner boards, and some caulking), and used 10 mini-roller covers (the cedar acts as sandpaper, and they were replaced as soon as the could no longer paint the inside corner)

Plant Sky Building Property Window

Plant Building Window Sky Door

Plant Building Sky Window House

Plant Building Sky Window House

Plant Sky Building Window House

Plant Building Sky Window Door

Plant Building Sky Window Door

Plant Building Sky Window House

Plant Building Sky Window House