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Sold a guy a 5gal of sherwin Williams DTM alkyd enamel. He showed back up 3 days later saying his painter said it was bad. I mixed it up very good before I sold it. He shows up with a bucket that looks like gray rubbery goop. Any ideas what this could be? Its definitely not what I mixed up View attachment 113812 View attachment 113813
If you are a SW employee and someone brought that back from a a purchase from 3 days ago they are probably just working an angle to turn the never ending price increases back on you through a BOGO.

If it's some other thing where you are dabbling in second hand product sales then the phrase buyer beware is accurate for both you and anyone purchasing from you.

I'm no expert but as to what it looks like, it looks like it's been exposed to long-term air, or a contaminate/additive to speed up the drying process for disposal.

If you are in retail I'd imagine the best thing is to eat a 5 of DTM and keep an out for another issue of this nature especially with the same customer.
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