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Sometimes all cylinders click at once

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I went into the paint store today to pick up some supplies.One of my reps was dealing with a customer on the floor and asked me if I could come over to assist. Customer was looking for a base color for some faux finishes she wants to get done. They are doing the base coats themselves and have an idea of the glaze look they want. I help her pick the appropriate base coat color, and she asks if I would be willing to do the glaze work. I give her my card and company info and set up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

I get home one hour later and she has left a message saying that she has been to our website and seen several examples of the ragged glazing effect she is looking for, and is quite excited about our meeting tomorrow. I return the call, and we look at the website pics simultaneously over the phone. We discuss price ranges for different multiple color glaze options and will proceed with what turns out to be the obligatory site visit tomorrow.

Lessons I have learned that were in action today:

1. Supplier relationships contribute to success
2. Listen and help a homeowner even if no obvious gain to me
3. Carry an enclosed notepad with pockets containing promotional info
4. Keep website updated
5. Return phone calls asap
6. Make appointments reasonably asap
7. Infinite ROI on lead placed in front of you when all of above are in place
8. Being "Out of Bucket" creates the time for all of above to be in place

I humbly submit to you that I would not have been in position to close a job I havent even seen if not for my experiences and exchanges on painttalk. Absolutely no question about it. Thanks.

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..............gather around kiddie's ....I do believe Scott may be taking over as the man to read on this site..... if you want to learn something....follow his threads!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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