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Hi all, newby here.

Has anyone used this moisture meter:? Sonin 50215 4-in-1 Stud, Moisture, Metal and Voltage Detector: Home Improvement

I'm primarily an interior painter but I am currently stripping and painting the exterior of a large 100 yr. old carriage barn. Given the seemingly relentless rain here in Western New England I really need an accurate way of determining when I can prime the bare clapboards and I was wondering if that Sonin above would suffice. I know I should buy a quality meter, but given that I will likely never do a big exterior job again I am hesitant to invest in a spendy meter. I have already invested heavily in new tools so far and I'm trying to keep expenses down so I can keep this shirt of mine. But, this paint job needs to last.

I read that others like the Sonin 50211 but I have also read that it's accuracy is suspect. The Delmhorst J-LITE seems to be the prefered choice.

Thanks a lot for any advise.
I'll likely be back as this job progresses.
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