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Thanks you guys!

I am going to start doing some research on that.

I don't see very many of them around here(KC).
Did you start spraying insulation foam? We have a way of embedding a thermal insulating, fire retardant additive into acrylic products. It takes a sprayer that can pump out elastomeric and a big spray tip. The nice thing about spraying attics is no one complains about the color (all though white reflects best for minimal lighting) Got to be careful about walking inside of attics and not to bump the AC / Heating ducts.
We have a patent pending on our material. We Took a temperature reading on a property in Los Angeles in the summer 2008. The tile temperature was 147 degree (black roofs absorb heat) the underside of the attic on the untreated plywood was 127 degree. Within a few hours the temperature was reduced to 88 degree and after it cured and was dry the temperature settled at 96 degrees. That was a 31 degree temperature swing. The AC would start up around 10 am in the summer, now it doesn't come on until the early afternoon.

We don't recommend painting attics in the summer afternoon because of the possibility of heat stroke. We were working on a neighbor’s property and this client was going to leave. We can spray an attic in just a few hours and our equipment was already there. It is important to keep the cold water and Gatorade coming.

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Spray Foam

We use the Touch /n Seal CPDS. It works great for small to medium size projects. The cost per board ft. is significantly higher than using a full spray foam truck, so we can't compete on whole house projects. But the initial investment is only a few thousand instead of $70,000.
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