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Spray-On Siding

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Well, I have never been a fan of this stuff but it is winter and a friend mentioned to me that the local franchise holder is backed up, pays well, and is looking for subs.

Any thoughts? Is this any different from applying something like an elastomeric?
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There have been a number of consumer complaints regarding "liquid siding" companies.
Prep work is critical, from what I understand.
My concern would be for any potential liability.
If the homeowner has a complaint in a year, or later, who will be responsible for addressing it?
that's what a warranty is for...
A warranty can be worthless for a number of reasons (fine print, issuer went out of business, etc.).

These liquid siding jobs involve big bucks. $10,000, $15,000, or more.
If a homeowner finds flaws, bubbling, rotting wood, and realizes their "lifetime paint job" is really a nightmare, they're going to seek redress.

If they don't get satisfaction from the seller (who may, for example, be out of business), they're going to continue to look. And that could take them to the subcontractor.

In an employer-employee relationship, the employer bears full responsibility for the actions (or failures) of his employees. It's not so clear-cut in a contractor-subcontractor relationship. And a contractor may try to shirk responsibility by laying blame on the subcontractor for failing to have properly done something.

Even if a sub can legally escape responsibility, it might require spending quite a few bucks on legal fees.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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