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Sprayer for exteriors

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Would you paint an entire house exterior with a Graco 395 ?

I mostly do occupied repaints, so I don't have much need for a sprayer. If I buy one, the graco 395 is about all I want to spend on a sprayer. Could I conceivably do a whole house with it or is it not feasible ?
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Why not?
I have the 390, and That is my main sprayer.
I have been using my Graco 395ST for over 6 years repainting interiors and exteriors up to 3,500 s.f. I have not even had to repack. Just strain your paints and keep it clean.

Ofcourse I would, infact I have been using it for all my paste exterior jobs. That little one has enough to do it believe you me, only limit is a block filler but everthing else is good to go.
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