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Spraying CWF

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Hi All,
I have a Graco Magnum DX sprayer (Home Depot) and was wondering if I could spray the water based CWF-UV (Flood) with this sprayer. The maximun tip size (DX) is .15 and I notice alot of clear sealers reccommend a .17 min. tip for spraying clear finishes. I have a good size cedar deck to clear coat.
I have never used this sprayer for anything but interior latex finishes, which it is great for, for the amount of spraying I do, just not sure if it would work well with the CWF. Any thoughts?
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You should really consider not spraying a deck .....:eek:
2000 sq ft with a 9" paint pad, really? What about a garden sprayer, are those things any good?
A garden sprayer can work nice ...esp on those spindle and rails, but you'll have to work the deck at the same time. Or you could get some staining mits and get some splinters. 9" lambskin pads on ext poles work great. You dont want to leave any puddles and make sure you cover everthing around and under the deck.
What did you mean by "work the deck" at the same time?
Wouldn't the pads miss in 'between" the boards, which a spayer would cover?
If you spray it you need to work the decking at the same time. You dont want overspray marks on the decking. The pads are for the decking. Good luck ...BTW get a different product...I dont care how much they have or what they want. If you where a painting contractor you would educate the consumer why that product is crap.
The sprayer won't get that much to justify it's use for between the boards unless the boards are 3/4" or better apart and I doubt that being the case since it sounds like it could be a new deck. The brush works the deck. Even if you rolled it on you should follow with a brush to work it in and help evening it out.

I'll be brushing the whole deck that I am doing. No roller or spraying. I believe in the long lasting results of good hard work. :thumbsup: I only spray ext homes or int/ext new construction not decks.

Granted some folks swear on spray and brush to follow. I use a titan 440i and am not all that excited about the mess it could make or the extra prep I'll have to do to use it for deck staining...
Garden sprayer the rails and spindles, lambskin pad the decking ......
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