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Spraying CWF

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Hi All,
I have a Graco Magnum DX sprayer (Home Depot) and was wondering if I could spray the water based CWF-UV (Flood) with this sprayer. The maximun tip size (DX) is .15 and I notice alot of clear sealers reccommend a .17 min. tip for spraying clear finishes. I have a good size cedar deck to clear coat.
I have never used this sprayer for anything but interior latex finishes, which it is great for, for the amount of spraying I do, just not sure if it would work well with the CWF. Any thoughts?
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"there are way better things out there than CWF"

Any recommendations?

" If you can spray latex, you can spray clears"

Is int latex thinner than the ext clears?
Don't quite understand your question about what am I trying to use it on.
As I mentioned I am going to be spraying a cedar deck.
What is the "true oil based stuff" ?

As far as "why did I buy a magnum", thought I would try it out for the price and the amount of painting I do (minimal), and it works great for what I need it for. No complaints.

Looks like spraying a deck is not popular, huh? Why is that?

I have about 2000 sq. ft. of deck plus railings, spraying seems like the way to go. How would you guys approach it? I'm always willing to learn something new :)
Try a 9" paint pad. Went to it after too windy to spray and wish I would have started out with it.
2000 sq ft with a 9" paint pad, really? What about a garden sprayer, are those things any good?
"I take it your not a painter...."

Play nice, Jason. If you read what I wrote you'll notice I said it works fine for what I need it for, when I need it.
No, I do not paint everyday, but I'll match my finished product with anyone, but not my knowledge of the paint and finishes.
I build, and I insist on no one painting my work but me. If I'm not sure of a finish I research it, check with manufacturer etc...
So happens, customer has 40 gals of CWF and wants me to use it. Do I think it's the best stuff out there? No, but then again, I don't know what the best stuff out there is. Instead of stating what doesn't work, lets hear what does.
Thanks for link, will check it out.
"I was trying to coax it out of him"

What exactly were you trying to "coax" out of me? Just ask if you want to know something, that's what I'm trying to do here, get information.
What did you mean by "work the deck" at the same time?
Wouldn't the pads miss in 'between" the boards, which a spayer would cover?
Wow, spray,don't spray,roll, don't roll, pad, brush.......two sides to every coin I guess.
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