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A couple of thoughts

-We use lp tips for anything larger then a .12 as usually at the point I don't really see the benefit of a fine finish
-for spraying walls I like a lp 617/619 as it gives you a few less passes
- your pressure is way to high fir the first pass and a bit too low on the 2nd for a low pressure tip

My main guess would be too low pressure and 2nd guess despite what you just said would be spraying too far apart or an old tip that puts too much paint in the middle.
We only spray 2nd coats if there very little light and a quick paint job, even then 1 or 2 walls might be back rolled due to size or visibility. The understanding is that there could be a few halos like that but def not a full wall.

Did you figure it out?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts