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Looking for help on this paint job I sprayed. I used a prox17 with 516 fflp tip. Sprayed emerald matte at 2200 psi on a guage at the pump and had 50% overlap. Temperature outside in mid to low 60s temp inside 68 to 72. All of it sprayed inside with door closed and room taped off. Initial coat was sprayed horizontal all subsequent coats vertically.

This is the second time I am getting the vertical marks and am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am getting good coverage and maintaining 12 to 14 inch distance while tapering off each pass on the floor and ceiling.
The earlie picture I was spraying same conditions except pressure was 1300 psi I raised the pressure after talking to SW rep who said the pressure was too low even for a fflp tip. I told him I can adjust pressure and change tip to 517 but I was told 516 would be alright just needed higher pressure.

Appreciate the time!

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