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spraying Popcorn ceilings with latex

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I want to start utilizing my sprayer to be more efficient. I have experience spraying new construction and exterior. Therefore, Saturday I am going to attempt to spray latex ceiling white on a popcorn ceiling.

Do I have this correct.

  1. The ceiling looks like it has been previously painted (so I can use latex)
  2. I use oil base cover stain on the area that is brown from a water stain
  3. let it dry
  4. Spray the ceiling in one direction
  5. While it is still wet I spray the ceiling in the opposite direction.

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Don't spray occupied repaints
I would really like to think that this goes without saying. Especially when we are talking about a small scope of work, like one ceiling.

Would you take a jet plane to the corner store?

It takes longer to mask off, set up the sprayer and clean it when you are done than it would to throw down some drops and cut and roll it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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