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Stained Ceilings What Paint?

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I am part owner of a landscaping business and we just built some offices. We did a tuscan trowel down on the concrete for our floors. The colors we used are earth colors like chocolate, tan, and a little darker red. I cant decide what color I should stain the would ceiling and what color to trim/paint. I would prefer to paint the trim but I do not wanna do white. Any suggestions on what color trim would look good against a stained ceiling other than white? I searched for pics of stained ceilings but didnt have any luck.
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If you havent put it up yet why not just stain some sample boards and hang them close to the walls to get a feel for the contrast in colors? Make sure to poly them (if your going to poly it). Keep in mind poly will yellow over time ...unless you use a latex poly.
This is the color I had in mind for the trim it is called beef broth from dutchboy. How do you think this color would look on crown up against ceiling. I just randomly chose a wall color that would be something like what I would choose for wall paint.
You can go to a Benjamin Moore retailer and get sample bottles for 5 bucks and actually put color samples on the walls and trim to see if you like the colors before you make a commitment. It's hard to get color advice on a forum.
You could hire a good paint contractor instead of all the guessing. Where are you from? I'm sure we have a contractor here from your area.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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