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Staining Log Homes

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had some guidance for estimating costs of staining the exterior of a log home and for the interior of the log home seperately. From what I have read, it appears that the cost per square for staining log homes is significantly higher . Can anyone provide some guidance numbers for estimating jobs?

Thank you,
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Log homes

Thanks for the help... I had seen where the cost was around 6/sqft of living space. However there is a tremendous amount of time spent of prepping the log home with washing, bleaching or prepping, insect treatment with borates prior, and caulking (a lot of caulking). Additionally, I am using a water-based stain (2 coats) and a gloss sealer (additional 2 coats) .. I don't think even 6/sq ft is really ample enough to cover the time spent here.

When you did the log home with sikkens, did you think your bid was comparable to a typical paint cost in the hourly rate you were making or did you bid based on a per hour charge?

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