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I use to have Graco XR-7 from Home Depot.:( It was a tall-boy I think.
I have a truck with cover camper on it, every time i try to load or unload it was a pain in the a$$.

Now that i have Graco 390 low-boy, it is easier to move it in and out of the truck.

However, If you have the van, i don't think you would have the same problem like i do.
Also, if the tall-boy comes with wheels you might like it better especially when you have to park far from the job site.

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I prefer the highboy.
Easy to move around, paint is going in a straight line to the fluid section..ect
Stand style is lighter but you will have to carry it. Like i said i do not like having the bend in the tubing to get to the fluid section. Easier for repetitive residue to build up creating a clog.
Either way you go the 395 is a good sprayer, and if you take care of your things it will be your work horse for years to come.

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Graco 595 Hi-Boy here

I love the hi-boy because it sits up high enough to work with easier, easier to keep clean, straps in the trailer/van better, easier to wrap the hose, cord, .& extension cord on, and I think it with its large wheels and higher frame it makes it easier to load/unload with an old back ;)
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