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Start a Painting Bussiness? Please Help

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Well i have to say this is the first time I have ever posted anything on the web but i need some input. I am 30 yrs old and have painted for 11 yrs. I have a very wide range of experience in commercial, residential, and production painting. I currently am considered an industrial painter and do alot of jobs for the military. The money is pretty good and i like the company I work for. I owned a painting bussines about 7 yrs ago and had to give it up for various reasons but I did very well. I am now married with 2 children and want to start my bussiness back up. I have moved to a larger city and have met realestate investors and various contractors who have asked of my service and I have refered them elsewhere because lack of time. I am hesitant to start bidding jobs and get them then having them interfere with my job. Should I just say screw it and quit my job start my bussiness or bid the jobs and if I get them call into work until Im fired? I am really confused on what to do.

If I quit my job my wife will probably loose her mind but I feel confident that we will do just fine, and i keep getting a funny feeling that i should be out there doing my own thing instead of giving away all that I know and have learned just for peanuts.

If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it..
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It's very simple really, if you don't have credit or capital, forget it. If you do have credit, capital and savings... you gotta jump out on the limb and climb your way up. There is no grey area, do or die. ;)
I don't agree. I think a plan is far more important. If you have a plan you can overcome almost anything (if the plan is good).

Credit can be a black hole from which you will never escape.

Capital is important, but not nearly as much so in our industry. A good plan can overcome a lack of capital.

A good plan must focus on marketing. If you generate enough leads, you won't have to buy jobs. You will be able to generate enough work to earn a decent wage and build your business.

Brian Phillips
I agree, however.. from his standpoint, a woman and a family.... his question was to start out or not.... plan withstanding, if you don't have the money for direct marketing to KEEP those leads coming in.... i'd say forget it until you do. Little mouths eat alot. I suppose in this case, we will disagree.
Yup, I started my first with two bucks... failed within 3 years.... most of these guys on this board with ONE contractor, or ONE managment company will fail within three years or less. Takes a little more than one to run a successful company. Seen too many dudes jump out there with a sign on thier truck and one contract.... just to fail due to lack of work. Plan is good, but only as good as the market, and the planner.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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