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Steamer productivity

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I have removed a lot of paper with the pump sprayer. A job I am looking at would be best removed without spraying water/dif. I’ve never used a steamer but would like to give it a try. Does anyone have a recommendation for what unit to buy and what kind of productivity do you get with it?
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if you dont want to spray water, perforate it or sand with 36 grit or whatever you do, thin down some paste and roll it on. keeps the dripping down.
Roll the pasta? And what will it do?
if you dont want to spray water, perforate it or sand with 36 grit or whatever you do, thin down some paste and roll it on. keeps the dripping down.
Apply putty?
I have no idea what youre asking...
Translation inaccuracies, sorry. I usually use wallpaper glue. It does not dry out immediately, but is on the wallpaper for some time, soaking them.
I don't know how you have in the States, but in Russia wallpaper can be glued simply on cement plaster, and to keep it better, PVA glue is added. Nothing will help here. Only patience ....patience....patience....
If you use glue instead of paste, its NOT coming down. Here in the states, wallpaper almost dissapeared for 30 years cuz peopel got sick of stripping it. NOW, we know we need to properly prime the walls, and use a paste that will promotes strippability. Papers have gotten wise to this as well, and nonwovens, and Sure-strip prepasted papers are designed to supposedly come down in full sheets.
It's a pity that the wallpaper disappeared in the states. That's very beautiful. The pattern, the color scheme, all this allows you to really decorate the space where you live. And if you combine coloring, wallpaper, wall molding.....
Well, its damn good for us installers, because we are in high demand now thats its coming back, and we charge like doctors.
Do I understand correctly that in the states they do not putty drywall in front of wallpaper?
what do you mean by 'putty the drywall?'
Apply putty USG in one or two layers on drywall sheets. After that, paste the wallpaper. We do it like this
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Please tell me, why do you need a texture at all? Okay, someone doesn't want to rip off the wallpaper. But you can just putty and paint on a smooth surface, right? It's prettier, isn't it
I have shown here the complete process, including the plaster on the lighthouses. Yes, I primed the wall. I always primed in front of the wallpaper
The wires are attached to the ceiling, for lamps.The ceiling will be stretched, it will hide the wires
They are not metal. Fabric, rubber - I do not know what to call it. As a rule, flexible material. As for the work, I finished it a month ago. In principle, nothing complicated, only at the end there was a hitch. The wall with the window was very frozen, it was cold. I glued the wallpaper, and they were covered with bubbles. But then they hung up the radiator and everything disappeared.
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