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Substitute product for wood moulding

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I am working with a client that wanted to have crown, chair rail and panel moulding added to their rooms and they had requested all be painted white to accent the new colors they were having painted.

Did some shopping for the client and found a polyurethane product from which Lowes carries. I did some comparison s on price and products wood vs. poly and found that the cost of materials was about the same, but in the case of the panel moulding, I could offer significant reductions in my price to work with the poly since the rectangles were pre-fabbed and paint ready.

The only negative I have encountered with the line is that a couple hit the ground and broke in two upon impact.

The home owner loves the new look and is quite happy with the speed in which they were able to achieve it.
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Took the paint very well, as would most preprimed products. Covered it with a single coat of SW High Gloss White (latex).:thumbsup:
It's worth a look if you do this sort of thing...and saving client $ on anything helps to improve your chance of winning jobs.
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