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Suggestions for Residential Business Startup?

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Good day, folks. This is my first post, but i'll skip the small talk.

I'm trying to outline a business plan to start contracting as a residential exterior/interior painter in the South Jersey area. I've never attempted to start a business before. I just started researching this week, and i'm trying to compile a list of pitfalls to avoid and ideas to adopt. A reference of sorts to use as a guideline to ensure that i don't dig myself into a hole i'll never get out of.

Thus, i come to you, good people of America and beyond. My humble request is that each user who replies to this would detail their own Top 5 "Contracting Do and Don't list."

Your list can detail any aspect of the business. Marketing, Painting Techniques, Tax ID Number, Job Estimates, Filing for a DBA, Hiring Help, Insurance Shopping, Allocating Funds, Job Scheduling, Tools and Supplies, Customer Satisfaction and anything else that comes to mind.

For your help and participation in this, i'm extremely greatful and indebted to you. When the business gets off the ground i'll keep the Paint Talk forums informed about my ups and downs and overall progress. My appreciation cannot be measured. Thanks, good people. Be well. :detective:
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Thanks a million.

Thanks to everyone who answered this thread. There's alot of things i'm sure i'd be overlooking without your suggestions. I'm still digging my heeels in and building a strategy over here, but this thread is without question the guideline i was hoping for. Thanks a million for your much needed help, folks. Happy new year too!!! Paint Talk is at the top of my favorites list and i'll be sure to post a new thread with some progress in the near future. Be well and thanks again.
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