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SW 0 Corona 1

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Been using a 4" Corona Toledo that I've had for a while and I honestly love the brush. Had my guy painting with a 4" SW contractor's series brush, that I picked up, trying to save a buck or 2. I wanted to try the brush out to see how it was compared to the Toledo and I was definitely suprised....JUNK. The brush holds NO paint, probably half the Toledo. I told him along with the 2 fives of Cabot stain that he is picking up in the a.m., to pick up a Toledo for himself

I kid you not, I was at about half speed painting with the SW brush. He's slow as it is, I can only imagine how long he'd be there with that crap brush.

So as far as 4" brushes go...

SW 0 Corona 1
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I am curious on who actually makes SW brushes, I know that BM's labeled stuff is or was at one time from Wooster.

Did you compare the bristle type to make sure you where comparing apples to apples?
It's interesting when you get to do the side by side isn't it

I had the same situation last year
I'll never buy a SWP "Contractor's" brush ever again
Sherwin williams manufactures their own brushes. I believe they are manufactured by Rubberset (sw company).
Interesting, Rubberset makes a line of brushes under the name "Hand Crafted" they are sold here in the Chicago area at Menards a big box retailer in the lines of HD and Lowes. They were not bad brushes as I bough on ein a pinch once when I had all my other brushes wrapped and forgot to clean over a weekend once :)

I would be curious to see if those are the same as Sw contractors, as I do not use Sw I am not familiar with there brushes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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