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SW A-100/ oil primer dry time

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About how long should oil primers such as A-100 take to dry and how dry should they be before topcoat? I used A-100 on ext. wood and old paint (scraped and sanded) about 4 days ago and it is dry in places but will still scrape off with a fingernail pretty easily. Not 'tacky' but kind of 'gummy'. Is this normal? I'm not a painter, I restore millwork and often need to prime. First time using A-100. Do I have a problem here? Thanks
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Yup, like bikerboy says, sounds like you've painted over wet wood or the atmosphere is damp/humid. It could also be that you've used a can of paint that's been sitting around for a while and all the sediment is at the bottom, in which case, it hasn't been stirred up enough.
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