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Have I told u lately how awesome u are?! ;)

Totally agree- it IS timeless! The thing I think a lot of ppl don’t understand about ‘minimalism style’ is that its expensive to do right & u gotta have a designer that knows their sh*t. There’s no room for error. If u just try n pull it off by pairing down the amount of stuff u put into a space then sounds reverberate, surfaces feel blank & bland, and it feels like people are still in the process of moving in. Not to say owning less is a bad thing but I do think there’s a point that takes it too far....& the finishes MUST be on point.

My ideal house is Steve & Brooke Giannini’s “Patina Farm”. I visited them recently & it’s like a dream...I couldn’t believe how much it feels JUST like the books when your there in person. We’re not quite that lucky....I’m workin off a 1970’s california ranch - but trying to incorporate as much of the textures & tones as possible w/ out going overboard. Unfortunately the mid-century modern style that would come so easily to our architecture & area doesn’t appeal to me so I’m making it difficult (of course haha).

I always rinse after bleaching & give it plenty of dry time but have had blushing/clouding issues in the past & could NOT figure out wth was goin on. I assumed it was batch issue or application temp...never considered it might be my rinse method. And ur totally right- dewaxed shellac helped but I could still see the finish was compromised & not nearly as clear as it should be. Time to change up my rinse method!

Good call on SS fasteners- wouldn’t have thought about that!

Ummm what?! Any word on why they’re discontinuing the 9000? Guess I’ll be tryin out some Aziridine CL!

Ugh- testing sucks! The worst part for me is the fear of recreating the same results. Even tho we abuse those test boards to cover all our bases- I worry it won’t perform the same when the substrate is different, weather changes, or any other of the 1,000,000 variables change....

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to durability products. Once I know something works well I despise being forced to change!! The VOC laws threw me in a tail spin a few yr’s back- about 40% of my ride or die products weren’t gunna be available anymore.... I about threw a full blown temper tantrum right there in the supply store (no joke).

Lemme know how it goes ur testing goes w/ the StayClear- I freakin LOVE that stuff!
The blushing you often get, not to be confused with the blushing I just experienced after reading your “awesome” comment..LOL !...Where was I?...Ah yes, the blushing you often get when finishing bleached oak is due to the salts drawing moisture from the coatings into the wood rather than allowing it to dry off, the film trapping the moisture. You can even feel the pull if you’re brush applying the finishes. The WB PU sometimes even turns a strange purplish-blue color as it’s drying down. A hair dryer will usually remedy the issue if you should get blushing. Neutralizing with vinegar followed by a good rinsing or two helps and eliminates, as well as using a barrier sealer. You can also add denatured alcohol to the water when rinsing. It’ll help the water flash off quicker and keep the MC of the wood to a minimum.

I looked up the “Patina Farm”...pretty sweet! One of my clients has a similarly Mediterranean styled home in Montecito, the home being called “Ca’ di Sopra” (House Above the Clouds), having done their Atlantic coastal home.

Designers provide me a lot of latitude, sometimes even free reign...the finish choices can often make or break a home, no matter how strong the architectural statement or the finish execution may be...the finishes often being the biggest selling feature on the design end, although few designers will admit it..
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