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Any of you guys go to tech college or equivalent? Or how about an apprenticeship. Did you enjoy it? were cruel jokes played on you?

were any of you stripped naked by the old journeymen and forced to parade around the yard? happens to us all, right.

I'm asking because we have a new apprentice and I'm looking for initiation ideas.

so tell me what happened to you and I'll see if i can use it.

Cheers, Paul

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nothing like that:blink: but on my first job I was a laborer and asked by one of the framers to climb down off of the 3 story condo we were building, goto the foreman's trailer and ask him for the skadavian rod (didn't make the connection that Dave asked me to go get this "tool):cursing:. I was asked to not come back that next week.

On a recent job I jokingly asked the new kid to go grab the board stretcher out of the trailer. He asked what color it was :thumbup:
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