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love adding color to the world.
love my employees, we have fun while working
love trying to figure out new ways to advertise
like most of my customers

Paper work
preparing taxes
moronic employees
call backs for stupid thing
those little extra things customers want done at no cost
not closing a bid
gas prices

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What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a painting contractor?

- painting?
- employees?
- marketing, finding the jobs?
- estimating?
- paper work?
- the customer?
wow thats a great question. One thing is that the answere for me changes as my company grows, and mutures. when I first started work was not a problem, I hooked up with many builders, and was a sucker, and made no money, but man I was bussy. Didnt track much. didnt know what i wanted from my buisness.

Years later, I have learned a lot with a end in mind, and my favorite things is the buisness, helping clients make the best choice for what is right for their project. I always have their best interest in mind. The worst thing for me, is the fear of not keeping my men in work. Latly this has been a big issue.

I truly love this buisness, and enjoy almost all aspects of it, its all I have ever done (work wise for a living), so I dont know anything else, and would not ever want to try to learn anything else. at this point

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The only thing that gets to me is time tables/scheduling. As I do mostly new construction, anyone that was late before me directly effects my completion date, and some customers almost expect me to make up the time. I work at a decent speed, but don't let speed get in the way of quality. Christmas time is the worst, everyone want to move in by Christmas it seems lol. But I have told a few folks over the years, I can leave anytime you like. They change their tune rather quickly at that :)

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- Making something ugly & beat up look like new. It's like an art.
- Hanging off a crane, swing, or scaffolding 200ft in the air on a nice day.
- Teaming up with TimHag to harrass the other workers.
- It's the only thing I can do that I don't get sick of, and makes my days go fast.

Least Favorites:
- Using junk materials/tools.
- People who are late & hold you up.
- Fixing others mistakes/lazyness.
- Spilt paint.
- Homeowners to try to insult your intelligence.
- People who think I work for free, yet they wouldn't step foot in their work for half price.

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Making the world a more beautiful place, even if it is only a farm gas tank.
Customers who appreciate my quality of work.
No limitations on what I can achieve (can also be a least favorite when I limit myself)

Least Favorite:
Customers who say, "Since you have the roller loaded, could you give the fence a coat also?" When the fence isn't in the contract.
Customers who stay with me through the entire job, and by the completion day, I know about every ailment and surgery they have ever had.

Happy painting, Paul.

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Favs -
Making the Bid money
Having two houses going on at one time every month all year long
doing cabinets

Lest Favs
not making money
having 1 house every 3 months
using a old brush
spray tips that get clogged when your spaying oil cause you didnt strain the paint...

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Freedom. Freedom to take a job or not. Freedom to bid what I want, whether it's top dollar in that market, or whether it's an elderly person who's broke. Freedom to work for someone else, or tell them to make their money on someone elses back. Just plain good old fashioned freedom. It's shrinking and is seems like no one can hear me anymore. But I still believe in it.

Least favorite:
Bought laws, politics and politicians. Taxes. Record keeping.
Small spaces. Lack of levity.
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