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The DREAM TEAM hangs again, in PA

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The DREAM TEAM convened in Grantville, PA to install another mural of epic proportions.

The mural consisted of 12 panels, each 4-feet wide x 5 yards long, with only a 1-inch overlap at the seams. We packed in, primed, hung, doublecut, and packed out in roughly 8 hours, even with a bank of unmovable slot machines in the way. In true Dream Team style, we finished out the day at Appalachian Brewing Company, in Harrisburg (where I actually enjoyed a non-Budweiser beer).
Life Is Good ;-)

Credit for the photos goes to Cliff Hayes of Freehold, NJ; Hanger Extraordinaire!

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Can you come to California and paint for me? Excellent work!!!!!!!!!!

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