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The Value Of Signs.

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A frequently asked question is......"How do I advertise cheap."

Some of you guys have signs, so to keep from being bored, move on.

For those who don't, we have some good metal signs which don't get used often. Either HOA's don't allow it or they don't seem to get stuck in the work vehicles. (my fault) Have one on a current job and in a few days time it has got us 2 estimates.

Signs are a silent salesmen. They are re-useable and if you don't have at least one, you ought to consider the investment.
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In the not-so-distant past, I wouldn't have thought of using job signs. I considered them to be for the bottom-feeders or some such thing . . . Times have changed for me. We have had these out on our jobs this summer and all I can say is that location is everything. I put two out (one for each job we're on) one week ago in prominent locations. In that one week, they generated four leads . . . No leads previously as the signs were in much more secluded spots.


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The bottom feeders are the cheap home made signs plastered all over the corners and eway ramps.

A tastefully made sign in a yard for client that allows you do to it is fine in my opinion.
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