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thermilate insulating paint additive?

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hi all here..

i was wondering if anyone has used thermilate which is meant to keep heat in the home.. i was thinking of purchasing a few packets for my home.. my friend said it worked for him :S :eek:
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Well....never mind, I am not going to answer this. I am clicking away for here. Some else can give this guy the run down.

Click away, just click away.
Expensive stuff with a lot of claims for itself. I'd like to know how long the insulating properties lasted and if it really does do 'what it says on the pack' before I dipped into my pocket for a product. Also, how it's going to affect coverage/covering power and the strength of paint.
realistically, if you think about the idea, there is almost no way it can work. Insulating properties come from trapped air spaces, and a coat of paint (at maybe 2 mils dry) just can not provide enough space to trap enough air to really do anything. What is in that packet is probably ceramic micro spheres. I am fairly certain that someone posted that they have to be aligned just right to work, and it is very difficult to do that.
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