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I don't think such "competition" is limited to your area. Such illiterate and incomprehesible ads seem to be the norm on Craigs List.

I met with a customer today who is going to have his air ducts cleaned before we paint. He told me that he's had 3 prices ranging from $39 to $600. Now I don't know what is involved in cleaning air ducts, but I do know that $39 is a ridiculous price. Anyone who would pay that gets exactly what they deserve-- probably a mess in their house and air ducts that have been torn apart.

My point is that there is no shortage of people who are willing to work for next to nothing. Many are even willing to pay the customer for the opportunity to work-- which is what such prices amount to.

The fact is 90% of these people won't be around in 5 years. The people who hire them don't care about that fact. Which means, there is a market for splash and dash painters. There is a market for Yugos and McDonalds too.

There is also a market for Lexus and Fuddruckers. There are people who will spend more for value. We just need to market to them, educate them about the value we offer, and not apologize for our price. If we generate enough leads the low ballers become insignificant. They are like gnats-- pesky little things that will go away very soon.

Of course, they multiply like rabbits and will be replaced very quickly. But if we learn to ignore them and treat them with the insignificance they deserve, then they actually are amusing.

Brian Phillips

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Looks like you got some serious competition there...
I'd say that fellow spent plenty of time working hard,
because he sure wasn't in English 101 learning grammar.

Theres always competition.

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Thanks for the excellent referral. I've been seriously looking for someone who can
CL Loser said:
do high end fox finish's and other hard to find jobs.
And it is surely important that they
CL Loser said:
are licend
I reckon I better call them
CL Loser said:
soon as posible
CL Loser said:
are curant sceadualing is booked for at least a week
I already feel comfortable sending these guys into my clients homes because
CL Loser said:
Are wadges are better than the competitors and are quality blows away the compition.
Hopefully, if things work out, we can become
CL Loser said:
not just buisness associates but friends

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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My Lord...the only thing he spelled right was his name, unless it's Marc, lol

This guy is a loser and embarrased himself more than he may ever realize. So, no worries my friend...he is NO ONES competition.
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