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Legally I am a Painting Contractor ,
NuView Painting & Finishing L.L.C. in Louisiana
I hold only General Liability for $500,000
My Workmens Chomp is for 2 Fulltime and 1 Part time employees
I have 3 General Contractors i get work from with no bidding
I am a word of mouth business thats why I am such a small business only cards.. I must Say they are nice too!!!
I dont ware painters whites
I cant sit here an say I know everything about painting cause I dont.. but I know enuff to make money..thats why I join this Forum to learn from people with more knowledge than I have.. its a waist of my time when i get on here and see people make non sense post .. yes fun is in everything and I dont mind playing around, but show us where you deserve our knowledge

..also I wanna thank Paint talk for the Birthday wish I got sent in e-mail,,
Also I wanna thank all the people that come here and comment its a learning process for all of us.. there are some really interesting things on here that helped me out.. STOP THE :jester: FROM GETTING ON HERE
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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