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Time with airless, how much idle time is ok?

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Hey Guys,

Just recently found this forum and figured I would already ask for some help :)

Tomorrow is going to be my first day working with an airless, going to be spraying a 2nd floor of all trim/casing and a bunch of doors. Using a titian 440i and Graco Rac X FineFinish 210 and 310 tips.

Think I'm all set to get crackin after a bunch of practice on some drywall before hand. Previously my only spraying experience was with a notsogreat HVLP setup and it seemed if I took the time to sneeze after I started to spray I would already start to get clogs and get into trouble.

Do I need to worry at all about stopping to do something else, etc before I get back to spraying with an airless unit? How long can it sit without spraying, and just get back to it without a breakdown to clean up? Going to be spraying BM Freshstart and BM impervo(both latex)

Any other first time tips are welcome, still a bit nervous :)

Appreciate the help
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Thanks guys, i was mostly talking about no more than an hour or two.. Everything went pretty good so far.. Feel a lot better after leaving it for a while seeing you guys are saying days at a time :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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