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Time with airless, how much idle time is ok?

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Hey Guys,

Just recently found this forum and figured I would already ask for some help :)

Tomorrow is going to be my first day working with an airless, going to be spraying a 2nd floor of all trim/casing and a bunch of doors. Using a titian 440i and Graco Rac X FineFinish 210 and 310 tips.

Think I'm all set to get crackin after a bunch of practice on some drywall before hand. Previously my only spraying experience was with a notsogreat HVLP setup and it seemed if I took the time to sneeze after I started to spray I would already start to get clogs and get into trouble.

Do I need to worry at all about stopping to do something else, etc before I get back to spraying with an airless unit? How long can it sit without spraying, and just get back to it without a breakdown to clean up? Going to be spraying BM Freshstart and BM impervo(both latex)

Any other first time tips are welcome, still a bit nervous :)

Appreciate the help
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Always strain your paint HVLP/AIRLESS and use filters on the pump and gun when ever possible.use a whip and make sure the gun has a good swivel.dont try to cover substrate in one heavy pass(1st coat go light) let it tack up prior to next pass.keep pressure down to minium required for good spray pattern (atomization).remove any paint build up @ the tip wet/dry with a rag or stiff brush. dont worry about latex drying fast too much same day just keep it out of the sun and covered.U can turn the tip to spray vertical/horizontal to fit your comfort /style and U will be ok.
There are many ways to strain,my favorite is a clean 5 with a bag taped half way up the bucket so it dont move on you.stir up paint pour into bucket with strainer,poke a hole near the top of bag and slide in the pick up tube.some times i foreget to buy the bags and lazy too and so far been lucky no major down time clogs but i also use reversable tips which are easy to avoid the PITA clogs with the hvlp always strain it and keep guns clean.and for guys starting out on airless strain it,that will be one less problem/worry to figure out @ crackin time until U get it down.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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