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Tips on how to stand out from the competition?

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Hey fellow painters. As the owner of a new painting business, and also being an amateur painter, I'm wondering what are some practices/procedures that I should adhere to in order to positively stand out from the fly-by-nighters and other painting contractors?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions 😎
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If you return phone calls, show up on time, do the job you contracted to do, calmly and professionally deal with any issues that come up, and clean and straighten up your worksite at the end of each day, then you will likely stand out from about 85% of your competitors. And that percentage might be low.
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It’s been pretty consistently stated here over the years that you can be the absolute best painter around but end up being a total flop at running a painting business. Whereas a good owner/operator can get away with be mediocre at actual painting.
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I think most people create their own “luck” - or whatever the opposite of it is.
IMO, farming is one of the few professions where luck can truly be a major factor regarding success or failure.
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