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To all the NEW me...

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I see alot of new guys come on here saying, "hey, new to this and looking to start a painting business." I believe I posted somthing very similar once. I have been trying to get something going for a while now. Just parttime, no high volume or anything. Just something to do on my days off and make some extra money. But, just because I'm keeping it small doesn't mean that I'm not taking it seriously.. I've been trying! Got a "contractors acccout" all set up with SW, got me a little insurance policy, my truck is a piece of poop as it is so that's a work truck, ladders, and everything else.. Yes including experience, been paint for other people for a while now.. Anyway, been trying the "word of mouth" thing and well, I can't seem to get that going at all.. Posted on and just had my first call from a guy that needed a rental property painted. Went to look at it, priced it out, went with the time and materials approach at $17 and hour.. He said that it sounded great and that I can start on Tuesday. He called me Monday night and said that he found someone cheaper and he is going with them.. I'm trying to stay away from having to pay for advertisement.. Is there something that I'm missing here?!!

So, what I'm getting at here for all the new guys out there... THIS ISN'T AS EASY AS YOU MIGHT THINK!!! If this was my only sorce of income, the wife and I would be out on the street.. Maybe it's me maybe I don't have the right smile or something. I'm not giving up!! :mad:

To all the guys that run your own business.....:notworthy:

Best of luck!
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I urge you. If you want to be a success get out of that hourly rate frame of mind. Start bidding jobs on a contract price. If you say for instance think a bedroom will take 8 hours bid it at 250 plus material. Most people will feel more comfortable with that than an open ended Tand M arrangement. If you work by the hour it's a safe way to go but the potential for the occasional home run is nil. You need to make more than a wage at any figure. Even 25 or 30 is too low if you want to buy a truck or a spray rig where is the money going to come from? The exception would be a super custom job with a lot of unknowns like a squirrely decorator or architect. But you know about what it takes to paint a room or an exterior so stop leaving money on the table. You are setting yourself up for failure and lowballing us established contractors. I wish you well.
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