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Today's WTF???? 4/12

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The WTF? series might be a new addition to Paint Talk on a daily basis.

So listen to this one:

I'm giving an estimate an hour ago in a very nice upper class cul-de-sac neighborhood. This was a referal from a neighbor who's exterior and interior we painted last year. I meet the homeowner as she is yelling at her 3-4 year old half naked son in the neighbors back yard. We start talking about the house, my company and the scope of work when out of the corner of my eye ............. I see her son squatting in the middle of her neighbors pristine back yard taking a crap. A BIG crap! :eek: WTF??? This thing was just hanging there and he starts yelling "I'm poopin". (a little too old for potty training) I turned away quikly and started walking to the front of the house ignoring the HO acting like I was taking measurements. I couldn't stop laughing. I then hear the HO tell her son to wipe his hands off in the grass (WHAT?) (he's still over the neighbors yard). WTF??? Now keep in mind that this is a nice neighborhood 700k - 1mil homes, very nicely kept ... and this house is in nice condition... not a pig sty. I then try to wrap things up and discuss color selections and when we could do it and wouldn't ya know it...the kid was swingin' on the nieghbors jungle gym buck naked screaming and the HO Finally went to get him .... I was leaving and she continued into the house .... didn't even attempt to go get the crap ...WTF??
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Thats nice ........thanks VP & MAK ....:censored:
Is someone upsetting poor little NEPS again. :icon_cheesygrin:
I missed smackin' you around last night ....what gives??? Date Night?
Kids wanted to go swimming so I took them to a hotel with a really cool pool. They swam until 11pm, had lots of fun. I had a nice workout on the treadmill while watching the Pirates spank the Reds.
He rammed the golf cart ito the car of an illegal that worked with us .
:eek: Illegals? That there earns a WTF.
:eek: Here's a WTF for today. I give this lady a bid for $2175.00 to pressure wash her home. She calls me today and tells me that she got another bid for $600.00 and is going with that company,WTF? Thats a $1575.00 difference, WTF? Oh, these people bring there own water so she won't have to use her water,WTF? She can KMA:yes:
Here's another WTF? I take a color to SW today to see if they could match. I get there around 8:15 and there's another painter placing an order. I see only one guy working behind the counter. This painter in front of me is also getting a matching color. He orders about 20 1gal cans of paint, wtf right? After about 45 min. wait, I give the lone SW worker my color that needs matched. This dumb arse could not match my color after 6 attempts. I spent 1/2 the morning waiting in this damn store for absolutely nothing. Now that there deserves a WTF?
What are you talking about....hijacked? Hey, I was calling JMCP NEPS today because he was acting like a
They didn't have no donuts & Tim wouldn't stop at McDonalds for me. :censored:
I wouldn't stop cause he has being a little NEPS this morning.
This lady kept paying us to paint her kitchen over and over again, because she didn't like the shade of green. The money was good. She paid each time, but after 4 times ... my painters refused to paint the same kitchen again.

I did it once myself ... and she wanted yet another color ... WTF???

It was a little like the movie "GROUNDHOG DAY!"

I said "Live with it!!!"

Send me her name and number I'll paint the rest of her house.
Working in this house today, babysitter comes with her 2 year old son to watch the house while we were working. This F*ckin kid screamed all day long. Then she decides to make some kinda sh*it in the oven and sets off the smoke detector. The f*ckin detector went off and on for about an hour with the kid screaming the whole time. My head still hurts from todays wonderful events.
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