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Thanks for the suggestions. P.D.C.A. seems the most likely. I did check the others and the union school looked good but don't think they would train someone for a non union company.
Some years back American school of paperhanging would take people and train them in their facility in Georgia for two weeks but they no longer do that and have become strictly an online and or correspondance school.
Their is still a demand in our area for it but I don't do it myself and have only one person able to, so I know Im losing work because of this limitation.

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Yup, gail and John Cox no longer run their school in GA, nor does Stan Warsaw run his U.S. School of Professional Paperhanging in Rutland VT. I do believe one can either buy from Gail or find on the market, their tapes that they now hawk. Supposedly one can learn how to hang paper at home with VCR tapes - - hey if Richard Simmons can make a bundle doing it, then why not back woods Georgian paperhangers :jester:

There are, however, many trade schools teaching rudimentary wallcovering skills. In Media PA is the Williamsson Free School of Technical Trades. Although I have direct experience with it, I have been there for a workshop and know people connected to it. From what little I have seen, it looks good.

Also, in VT is Brad Bender's Wallpaper Academy which offers two one week classes a year. Brad is a former teacher of the old U.S. School of Professional Paperhanging.

Contact Info: P.O. Box 238, Danby, VT, 05739, (302) 293-5160, [email protected].
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