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When using TSP, do you guys add bleach or do you use TSP with no additive? What do you use for mildew?
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Trisodium phosphate is a syngergistic chemical when added to bleach. That and it also is sequestrant, which helps removes calcium deposits, makes the detergent you use a better detergent, aka detergent builder. Emulsifies the dirt and etches the paint to give it a 'profile' for better paint adhesion. I suppose better quality paints are filled with ingredients such as 'Butyl' that sort of melts the previous layer of paint to blend in with the new for a better job. But TSP is just good old fashioned prep - that will make even 'cheaper' paints cling better.
If you add a surfactant to the mix - not only can you bring down the concentrations to do the same job, and it requires less brushing - especially if you use warm/hot water - and will rinse more completely.
people talk about borax - but after all the research I have done - I honestly don't know how borax will help.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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