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LMAO! I couldn't wait to read thru this thread and hope no one else caught that rubber bit.

Dang you Wolverine! I was hoping it could have been me. :)

On the subject of advertising and getting work, there are some really aggressive ways you can do this. One very effective way is hiring telemarketers, and have a sales team do the rest.

You can do this for about %30 of the total cost of the job, which still isn't bad money on repaints. I have a friend in Charlotte who started a similar business model six years ago.

He now has business' in three states and does 4 million in residential repaints a year. He also has a booming commercial business which does way more. He subs out all the work at 45% of total cost to the painters, and 10% to the sales men.

His only real overhead is his field managers, which pretty much take care of everything. I kinda admire his success, but don't think I want to go that route. He is a very rich man at 35.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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