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Using a pick

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I usually paint solo. Sometimes I hire a helper for a day or two here and there. I did alot of exterior painting on brick rowhomes this year. I'm only painting the windows, doors, trim and cornices. I've been doing all this work off of ladders. I've been wondering how much faster that I could paint if I was on a pick. The main issue is to set up a pick I need to have a helper, but I right now I'm basically a one man show. So I don't know if it would be worth the trouble of having a regular employee just because I can't physically set up a pick by myself. I'm trying to figure out if painting from a pick as opposed to a ladder with a standoff how much more time am I going to save ?

Also any recommendations for using a pick 3 stories up would be good too.
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Using a pick will save alot of time, we use them whenever it calls for one. Do not try setting one alone. Grab one of your part timers to help set the pick and work him for that day. Work him the last day to help disassemble setup. You could never go wrong with a pick.
The problem is I have to take the ladders and pick down everyday and set it up the next because if I'm not there my stuff will disappear.
I hear ya, then what you need to do is submit the bid with a helper for the complete job or continue working alone off a ladder.
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