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Hi Guys, for 35 years we have been using stain, sanding sealer and topcoat of oil based poly. I have never had a problem with this system. However if you read most sanding sealer labels it says it is not recommended under poly. Has anyone else had a problem with this. The guy that taught me did it this way for 10 years before me. My customer called BM chemist to confirm and he is all upset I promised him not to worry. The floors in my house are done this way and going on 6 years. What is you guys opinion? MOPAINT

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We did this house about 5 years ago. Lots of fir throughout, including multiple coffered ceilings, much beadboard and all trim. We used sanding sealer and two coats of poly. To this day it looks great.

The only weird thing about the sanding sealer is that they claim it is uv-inhibitive, which it is not in real life.


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There's two types of sanding sealer
One can go under poly, one...not so much
(as per the TDS')
I forget which is which....I have to read the cans to check
I don't use sanding sealers all that much
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