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Is there anyone out there that has experienced or know of anyone that has experienced the ambiguity of Wal Mart plans and spec? The blueprints called for p-33 "white" for the deck to be painted with dryfall. The spec book called for p-33 to be "dover white" dryfall. We painted an entire super center "white" per the blueprints and when we were 100% done we were made to repaint the entire deck "dover white". I am looking for other instances of this or where there has been confusion over actual colors called out on Wal Mart projects. Also, I am looking for Wal Mart stores that have painted the deck with "white" dryfall and "dover white" dryfall. Please help out your fellow painter. You may call me toll free at 800.486.2255 or on my cell phone at 317.694.7520. Thank you. Dan O'Toole
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