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Wall Paper Stripping Demand and Your Market

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Let me first say that I do advertise for wall paper stripping. It seems like I have been getting more calls for this service lately. The home owners that I have worked for are in realitively newer homes, maybe 10-15 years old. I have stripped in much older homes with plaster walls, but there are fewer customers in this category. How is your market, do folks want new paint, or paper? Colors seem to be going to more earthy tones, no accent walls, at least for me. Just wondering if there is a trend to get rid of wall paper and replace with paint. Opinions, observations?:blink:

Happy painting, Paul.
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Bid for worst possible solution and hope for the best. When bidding for worst, you will not go wrong.:yes:

I don't mind bidding strip jobs
I bid for the worst possible for each job
...based on a small test area

The worst possible can vary depending

, and
are my friends
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That sounds like a popular wall covering out here lately
Sort of like "grass paper" ?

I've not had to remove it, as it seems to be going up rather than coming down these days
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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