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Wall Paper Stripping Demand and Your Market

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Let me first say that I do advertise for wall paper stripping. It seems like I have been getting more calls for this service lately. The home owners that I have worked for are in realitively newer homes, maybe 10-15 years old. I have stripped in much older homes with plaster walls, but there are fewer customers in this category. How is your market, do folks want new paint, or paper? Colors seem to be going to more earthy tones, no accent walls, at least for me. Just wondering if there is a trend to get rid of wall paper and replace with paint. Opinions, observations?:blink:

Happy painting, Paul.
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Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been

Rock on! Paul. Those were the days, sigh.
Slickshift, have you ever seen a wall paper that looks like a place mat made from jute or hemp? Fibers and all loosly woven, and having a back that is brownish like paper?:blink:

Happy painting, Paul.
That sounds like a popular wall covering out here lately
Sort of like "grass paper" ?

I've not had to remove it, as it seems to be going up rather than coming down these days
Slickshift the stuff is through the entire house. I just looked at the job today. It is an older home, perhaps built in the mid to late fiftys, and in a neighborhood that at its' peak was a place to be for those that had the money. Apparently the home went into foreclosure, not sure, but there are several signs indicating that the place was winterized. Lots of work. The homeowner wants only a price for stripping. I am figuring maybe 110 hours of work.

Happy painting, Paul.
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