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What kind of warranty do you guys give.Right now I'm giving 2 year written on labor and 7 on paint
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1 year on labor. The paint has it's own warranty.
Same as Rich, unless it's new contruction, most require 2 years.
I give 2 years on labor, 1 year on "high traffic" areas (decks and doors).
Two year labor
Paint is whatever the paintco says, that's their deal
Commercial, they are all waived
1 year on "high traffic" areas (decks and doors).
I like that
It hasn't been an issue, but I might put that in there, thanks
martha always has been an easy sell :whistling2:
martha always has been an easy sell :whistling2:
Thats what spending time in the Big House will do:icon_cheesygrin:
We give 2 years labor on exteriors, except for walking surfaces and doors-- those are 1 year.

Our warranty on interiors is that they will be happy at the end of the job. I've had people call me up a year after we did their interior and expect me to touch up for free?!?

I've taken care of problems beyond the warranty period if I thought there was a legitimate issue. I've also helped customers with paint warranty issues the few times that has occurred.

Brian Phillips
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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