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Hi, the website isn't working.

There are many reasons to have "certifications".
..and more.

Outdoor cleaning has uncovered MANY environmental problems..
lead paint cleaning, for one,
Environmental Laws are a serious exposure problem.
The good news is, simply following common sence,
.. and very managable Best Management Practices,
can make you money.
Capitalism WILL pay for protecting the environment,
so.. you can be paid better ..
Enviro-Positives will simply get and keep the better clients easier,
and at sometimes with higher prices... aka better profit.
Soccer-Moms just might like the sound of enviro-friendly proceedures,
if you mention them in your sales technique.
How hard would that hurt ??
Eliminating that exposure, (aka.. a Liability problem,) can be a BIG opportunity..
if a property management company asked you if you have Wash Water Control equipment..
What would you say?? .. ..I "think I can do that" ?
..or maybe .. "I know about that, I just need to get a few new tools".
Does that sound as believable as..
"I have a Certification in StormWater BMP's recognized by the Commercial Cleaning Industry,
Downtown Partnerships, and several trade organizations."

Certifications help you sell jobs.

By now, (in the 3rd year of a recession,) you all should already know you need every opportunity you can get,
..for bigger contracts,
..with less competition. Eh? has begun promoting Environmentally friendly (certified) contractors,
and will be adding enviro-friendly painters, masonary contractors, and many more business community.
And will be networking this business community with the rest of the "Green-Services Communities"
Anyone that wants to know more about this, please PM me.
Most Californians would like to say they are environmentally concerned..
Are you an Enviro-Positive ??

IF you would like a FREE copy of The Wash Water Control Handbook,
just ask.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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