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Web sit building

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Has anyone used the to build a web page? Looks good to me for $20.00 pm.
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I'm going to guess that... just like almost everything else in life... you get what you pay for!
I paid Mike at Xencorps... ( We went from 'not listed on Google' to being #1 in less than a week.

We got a sales call from WebLease USA ( a couple of months ago. The evaluate websites and try to sign you up for their service ($180/month for 3 year minimum). We like the guy that came out but just couldn't justify that kind of cost considering that the evaluation of our site was pretty good!

So, I believe that you can certainly save money and STILL have a quality site. However, I think you have to be careful where you save money. The Weblease guys have claimed that metatags don't really work anymore. Google is constantly changing their algorithms and the way it ranks pages. How much time does it take to keep up with that?

We make paint! Mike builds the websites. I wouldn't want to use any paint that Mike made nor would any of you want me to build you a website. I think we all have to REALLY think hard about how we invest (notice I didn't say spend) our time. As business owners, time is our most precious comodity. While I would love to learn all the ins and outs of websites, I know that the amount of my time it would take is FAR more expensive than paying Mike... who would actually get results. Early on in my business I tried to do everything myself. I've learned that sometimes being cheap is pretty expensive!

Wolvie $0.02

PS... Necesity is the mother of all invention. Rich is a pretty smart dude in my opinion. I think the point he is making is that if you automatically discount a cheap alternative you might be missing out.
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Wolverine, Your site was one of my final 3 when I decided to do mine over. I looked around a bunch of the forums and only 3 sites really impressed me enough to make calls to their webmasters. I started my search at 11pm or midnight and your guy called me back at 8am, I can't blame the guy for sleeping but I sgned up with someone else at 1 or 2 am.
lol... yeah... most of the good web guys are up late smokin' weed and playing some kind of online game... like World of Warcraft or Day of Defeat... Mike is a single parent so I imagine he sleeps at night... IF I had to put a number on it... I'd guess that 90% of web guys are up until at least 3AM...

Post us up a link when you get it done!
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