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Web sit building

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Has anyone used the to build a web page? Looks good to me for $20.00 pm.
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I have seen some self-produced/managed websites that cost less than $20 that are great

I'm a very frugal guy, so I appreciate when people save costs and go against the grain in any way they can
I can only think of a few people that designed their own website that got traffic from the search engines that converted into leads/jobs. I've seen plenty of good looking sites that nobody can find when they search MSN/Google/Yahoo. I've also seen people get lucky with SEO and not convert visitors because of a bad site.

While there is not any connection between the amount of money you spend and the amount of leads that you get.....there is a little proof that a professional looking website with good/great SEO will bring in more leads.

Let's say contractor #1 spends $1000 on his/her website and SEO and gets 50 leads in the first year from the search engines alone, his/her lead cost is $20 each (excluding hosting.......)

Let's say contractor #2 spends $20 on a self design package and donates 50 hours of his/her time in the design. At the end of the first year contractor #2 gets 1 lead from the search engines for a lead cost of $20 (excluding hosting, donated time.....)

Each contractor has the same lead cost but one contractor has 49 other leads to play with to recoup his $980 loss. If you are going to take on the project on your own, start a thread "who designed their own website that gets them a bunch of organic traffic....that converts into leads/jobs". Matt from Contractortalk will one of the few that will answer.
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Could it be that the diy guy just doesn't know about or understand the use of meta tags ,hooking up with search enjines ,ect and just buils a web site and uploads it and waits? :whistling2:
Yup! That was me a little more than a year ago. If I build it they will mother came, my brother came, my office manager.......... I discovered black hat SEO and it worked pretty well. When I say discovered, I mean I thought I invented it, people had to slap me around and tell me that it was wrong. Changing my keywords to the background color worked for a few months and Google never punished me.

Side note, I didn't really wait, I changed my content every month hoping that the people who didn't find my site might stumble on the content and new pictures. I could write a book on how to waste 100's of hours on a website.
I paid Mike at Xencorps... ( We went from 'not listed on Google' to being #1 in less than a week.

Wolverine, Your site was one of my final 3 when I decided to do mine over. I looked around a bunch of the forums and only 3 sites really impressed me enough to make calls to their webmasters. I started my search at 11pm or midnight and your guy called me back at 8am, I can't blame the guy for sleeping but I sgned up with someone else at 1 or 2 am.
I'd like to hear more about meta tags and SEO's...
If it's cool with the mod's I can post a forum that will put you to sleep within 5-10 minutes. Or you could google seo and forum. All of the SEO/SEM forums that I read are funny, nobody agrees on what works.
IF I had to put a number on it... I'd guess that 90% of web guys are up until at least 3AM...
That's a benefit, if I have a question at midnight I know I can e-mail my web guy and get an answer without having to wait until 9am. Last week I found a new term "SMO" and wanted to learn about it, forget Google a quick e-mail gets me the answer.
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