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Website, so far

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Kelly, tried to check it out and got this Authorization failure????
Sorry, will publish it. Give me a day or so.
Sorry, will publish it. Give me a day or so.
K bro, can't wait to see :thumbsup:
Well Kelly, did u get r loaded up yet?


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Tmrrtmr... that's just wrong in every way... lol... jus' luggin' it...
All words yet, just getting the pics right first
Looks like a good start. I have to tell you though, when I had dial up or a slower DSL I would skip sites that had had an intro or lots of slides/large files to load. Maybe just my impatience!
You may want to consider ditching the flash intro as it is not search engine friendly. Just that little intro really has no effect on what you are trying to achieve (I am assuming generating leads is the goal?). I personally bypass into pages as quick as I can find the "skip" button. You will never rank in the search engines and will be instead forced to use more expensive marketing techniques like direct mail and Pay-Per-Click to drive traffic.

You can still use flash as part of your page to make it look dressy and unique. This is a colleague of mine's website to give you an example.
I liked it Kelly!

..and I agree with the others, intro page should have all the basic, must have info in a quick load format... THEN go to the cool slide shows at their option.

Could probably nitpick away at some things, but that's not where you're at yet...

The site has a great FEEL to it!
I like it so far too!

I used slide as well, I had the flat screen tv looking one when I had my site up

gave it a contemporary look
Thanks...intro will go....your right.
:thumbup: Looks good dude.
Looks awesome! Love the slide shows. The customers will definitely get a boost lookin at those
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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