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What do you call the little rollers?

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What are names you call the little "Whizz" rollers. I have heard the names; hot dog roller, cigar roller, sausage roller, dong sleeve, long john, german roller, Johnny roller.

Curious to see what other from here call them.
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The little hog
Always called them a whiz.
Weenie Rollers
Hot Dog Rollers
Fuzzy :censored: :censored:
French :censored:
I go with "hot dogs".

But "Teenie Weenie Peenies" work
"Teenie Weenie Peenies" work
Mine does anyway
Mine does anyway
Thats' not the word on the street up in P-Town

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We used to call them Whizz rollers. Since January we call them ******** rollers.

Oops, I guess I should say we call them "the guy who used to talk about kiddie pools" rollers
Since January we call them ******** rollers.
Thats' not the word on the street up in P-Town
Well, you would know....

Viking Kittens with Winged Bear on Guitar
Well, you would know....

Not that there's anything wrong with that

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Just started using that roller. I'd call it the wizard, because it got me out of a jam.

And I can carry it in my tool box.
started using those pee rollers over 20 yr ago,awesome for tight spots:notworthy:
aka Tampon :tt2:
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