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What do you use to carry small tools?

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Do you guys use something specific to bring all the essential smaller tools (tape, brushes, sanding pads, pot hooks, putty knives, etc.) into a home when starting or packing up a job?

just curious...I had a 5 gal bucket organizer, but gave it up. Then I had one of those cheapo yellow and black walmart toolboxes with the wheels.

Now I just grab it all and wrap it in a drop, lol. I was considering picking up one of those cheap white canvas bags or something like it.

What do you all use or what would you recommend. I would consider going back to one of the things I used before I guess.

Help me make up my mind, would ya :whistling2:
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I like the bucket organizers. My paint store carries Purdy Brand bucket organizers, they work great for me.
I have a little duck gapemouth or something like that. Works great on Monday but by Tuesday it gets completely unorganized and your in there digging amongst razor blades and scrapers for a nail set. I find little 2 gallon buckets work pretty well esp. the price.
I throw most of my basic hand tools in a 5.

Some of my more specialized/hard to find tools go in a tool bag.
for the jobs I will be on for awhile I have one of those boxes with wheels! If I am only at ajob for one day or two I find myself wrapping up in a drop also :) or a 5 gal.
I have a pickup truck.. heh, no really I use a canvas bag for onsite.
I've had a Rubbermaid heavy duty rectangular, open carry tray. Handle in the middle and two side compartments that works great. Keeps everything organized.
Benn...your bag-is it fancy or just the plain type? I'm having a hard time locating the plain type, everyone has the fancy schmancy ones
It's the S/W canvas bag they offered a few years back... neat little pockets to hold brushes on the outside, but basic.
I have a nice craftsman bag. Most of the time i can park the van next to the garage. So the bag is'nt as useful as it was when i purchased it. I was riding in my partners truck a lot when i got it.
Man purse!
lmao! :laughing:
I make my own

Green for interior, black for exterior, blue for drywall, red for wall coverings
I even make my own silk lined shucks...see?

It's a good thing
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I'm in the process of building myself some custom toolboxes for these situations. I've tried everything and can't seem to keep it together. My problem has been that each tool just kinds ends up somewhere, maybe in the tool bucket, maybe in the truck, maybe on the job i just left.Once my tool boxes are complete, every putty knife, scarper, screwdriver,paint brush will have a specific place that's labeled. I'm not sure if it'll fix my problems, but gotta keep trying.
Right now I am using a plastic tool box that has two clear plastic organizers that fit on the top for small items. Holds screws nail sets and such. Inside it has a shelf with a handle then the large storage under that. Seems to be working ok for now. I have one of those white canvas bags that hold drywall tools

The tool box holds knives , scrapers, brushes, can even fit a 9" roller in there if I work at it, lol.I also put in small cans of putty and spackle, caulking, sand paper , disc and sheet.

I may look into one of those roller boxes, a small one, be good to fit a few sanders into it with the other stuff,cord and such.
Those I don't carry in my white's pockets go into the 5er. It's a most essential tool and most valuable to rest your work pot on when your painting trim from the standing position.
Those I don't carry in my white's pockets go into the 5er. It's a most essential tool and most valuable to rest your work pot on when your painting trim from the standing position.
Hey Zip

I never thought of the 5, I use my 2 foot step in this's a bit higher so bending isn't such an issue, but it's cool to hear how others do things
Hey Rich
No problem.......sometimes I use the 5er as a 2' step but I've also been known to jump to reach those just out of reach spots. :)
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