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The previous painting company I worked for had a track of high end homes. We painted the first phase in a Frazee elasticmeric coating. We primed it with tilt up and toped coated it with elasticmeric. Less than a year we had a pertly good rain came in. I then get a call from the builder asking me to look at some issues. I say I'd be there the next day. When I went to inspect the home (homes):eek:I saw water balloons all over the first phase of the houses.

We had every paint professional out there, including two independent chemist. The result showed that the paint failed. It showed that the coating had pin holes caused but the paint not curing right.

the coating was allowing the moisture in through the pin holes and the it was doing it job by streaching out but hold the water in, creating a water balloon.

I now make sure to use a breathable elasticmeric.

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Many, many years ago we had an older house to do. The paint was in pretty bad condition, but the customer didn't want to pay to remove it all. And I was too dumb to insist on it.

We removed all of the loose material, but the many layers of paint created a kind of ripple where we had scraped and sanded. The customer was out of town, and I thought we'd go an extra step and float the ripples with wood putty. The customer was thrilled with the way the house looked when they returned.

A year later I got a call that paint was starting to peel. Upon inspection, I discovered that we had a serious problem. The wood filler was losing adhesion, chalking, and doing everything possible to ruin my life. We went back to that house every year until they sold it to take care of that problem.

The good part is that they hired us to paint their new home.

Brian Phillips

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We had a large condo project when I worked for someone else where all the gray stain we put on the exterior turned blue after a couple years. Manufacturer ended up giving the complex a $20,000 paint credit.
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